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With the weather getting cold, your family is going to be spending more time indoors together. Now is a great time to look at your living room and how it could be improved to meet the functions of your family. After all, other than the kitchen, it is where your family gathers the most.

There are countless ways to upgrade your living room, but ultimately your budget plays a large part in how intricate a renovation project can get. Whether you’re looking for a few quick upgrades or considering a larger remodeling project, it’s crucial to keep these few ideas in mind.

1. Consider Color

In keeping with the 2019 trends, leaving gray behind and introducing warming colors like Living Coral, this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, may be something to consider. If energetic colors aren’t your style, choosing an inviting, cozy hue is a good approach.

It is also a good idea to take into account the size of the living room. Lively or darker colors might be too overwhelming for a small living area.

Regardless of the color selected, make sure it is one you are happy with for the years to come.

2. Think About Lighting

Lighting, both natural and artificial, plays an important role in a remodel. It is important that you consider how your family utilizes the space to determine how much task and ambient lighting you should install. Filtering and blocking light is just as important as adding light sources, so window treatments can be key. For example, if your family gathers together for movies often, you may want blackout shades, as well as lighting fixtures with dimmers.

3. Incorporate Storage

If your family uses the space as a play room for little kids or has a reading nook, ensuring you have a proper amount of storage for toys, reading materials or any other items kept in the room is key. This could be as simple as having coffee tables or ottomans with enough storage compartments or a bit more involved by incorporating built in shelving units.

Regardless of how you decide to organize your living space, functional storage is essential to keep a room that receives a lot of traffic clear of clutter.

4. Pick Furniture that Fits the Space and Your Lifestyle

The size of the room indicates how much and what type of furniture your family may need. If your family utilizes the room to watch movies, reclining furniture may be more suited for your family. Comfy lounge chairs would be ideal for readers. Lightweight furniture that is easy to move and rearrange is optimal for hosting lots of play dates.

There are countless paint and lighting options, storage capabilities and furniture to consider when renovating your living room. Taking the time to speak with a reputable contractor who can help guide you in choosing the right fixtures and features for your family is key to creating an updated living space you will cherish for years to come.

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