If you are planning a home renovation and intend to live on site, you should brace yourself for what’s ahead. There are lots of advantages to remaining at home during a remodel, including having eyes on the project, saving money and keeping your family in a place most familiar. However, it is best to educate yourself on what to expect physically, mentally and emotionally – even with the most experienced contractor. We shared some insight and tips on what you may need to know.

Respect Your Contractor’s Requests

It’s hard work to prepare and live through a remodel, but if you want it to run smoothly and quickly then listening to your contractor’s requests is important – no matter how tedious. It is in your best interest to adhere to their request to remove everything from the renovation zone before the project begins. They may also have other special requests that might seem insignificant to a homeowner but likely essential to their process. Not following their requests will only make their job more difficult, slow things down and therefore, prolong the schedule. It’s important to create a professional relationship of mutual respect with your contractors.

Bunk Up with Friends and Family

Having friends and family close by can be a tremendous help during this time! Depending on your renovation project they can become your new home base whether it’s for sleeping, showering or a place to use running water. You’ll realize how grateful you are for those seemingly, basic amenities!

Plan for Dining Challenges

Eating in a household under construction poses a great challenge – but remember challenges only make you stronger! If you are remodeling your kitchen you may be pushed to your limits, but things like preparing a food budget for takeout ahead of time or using disposable dinnerware and microwave ovens can help ease the experience. Also, if you’re lucky you may be able to escape to a family member or friend’s house for dinner occasionally or even to an outdoor dining area. Even if you are not remodeling your kitchen, cooking and eating can still pose challenges so, be prepared for all possibilities ahead of time!

Be Part of the Remodeling Process

If renovating makes you nervous, make your contractor aware that you want to be a part of the decision making for all details and an essential part of the project. Don’t be afraid to pop in every once in a while to check on progress. It’s your house and your wallet after all!

Understand that Your Daily Schedule Will Be Interrupted

Go into this situation already prepared for chaos. Accept that you may not be able to maintain your normal, daily schedule during your renovation. The space in your house will be occupied, as will your time, so remind yourself that this is temporary and flexibility is key!

Know There Will Be Dust

Dust is inevitable. It helps to just accept that from the start. However, hanging tarps and covering some furniture pieces helps to minimize the damage. A good contracting crew will seal off as much of their workspace as possible and clean up at the end of each day to try not to leave you in too much of a disarray.

Be Prepared for Anything

You may have created a schedule and set a deadline but prepare for the worst, just in case. When you strip a room down to its bones occasionally problems are uncovered. Just remind yourself that it’s better to locate hidden problems and fix them than to leave them unsolved.
A good tip is to always over budget to cover any surprises that may arise. And while you should set a deadline, prepare yourself to extend that deadline to manage curve balls.
When your remodeling project is finally complete and you survived living through it, you will truly appreciate the finished product. You endured the ups and downs, stress, tempers, discomfort and a completely dysfunctional house. You will really value all the hard work and effort that was put into making the space a masterpiece!

Living Through a Home Remodel
Home in the Middle of a Remodel

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