As the year comes to an end, so do once-popular trends. Yet, a new year brings new inspiration – two of those inspirations being Pantone’s Color of the Year and the fashion runway. Keep an eye on those two influencers and others to discover what home renovation trends will be hot and what will not in the year 2019.

Here Are Just a Few of the Top 2019 Predicted Trends

Pantone’s Color of the Year

For 2019, Pantone’s Color of the Year is Living Coral 16-1546, an energetic but mellow, warming color. This shade reconnects us to nature, authenticity, and human interaction. With a world exponentially consumed by technology, this is just the color humanity was yearning for. Pantone’s Color of the Year has a considerable impact on trends, such as fashion, industrial design and home furnishing. You will certainly see this color influential in the home remodeling trends of 2019, from wall colors to textiles and accessories.

Goodbye Gray

The year 2018 was inundated with cool grays when it came to home design, from paint, accent pieces, materials and furnishings. These gray shades were then paired with all white everything – white cabinets, sinks, tubs, subway tiles; you name it. This trend helped to create a light and airy atmosphere, while reducing any overwhelming clutter. However, gray may now become a thing of the past and it is predicted that warmer and spicier tones will now be used, such as colors like Living Coral.

Home Remodeling is Getting a Breath of Fresh Air

Warmer tones are not the only theme trending. Nature is emerging in home design and remodeling – from organic materials and eco-friendly appliances to natural, earthy color palettes. Live plants will be making their way indoors, while gray takes a hike! Materials such as wood, stone, iron, copper and concrete will be utilized for flooring, walls and accent pieces, along with earthy matte finishes instead of high gloss paint. These natural elements will bring about a warm and tranquil ambience, reconnecting us with nature and vibrant colors.

Floral Patterns

Runway fashion is currently sporting a lot of floral, which means we will see that as a renewed fashion trend this year. However, fashion influences home furnishing and remodeling designs as well. It is likely that floral patterns will also make their comeback into home renovations. This means the reawakening of your grandmother’s wallpaper! We have seen wallpaper make a comeback in 2018 and this will continue into 2019, especially with agate style wallpaper. The floral and agate patterns tie well to the natural theme that will be trending.

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