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We have been building and remodeling bathrooms for clients throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties for decades.  Our success is founded on a work ethic that focuses on open and honest dialogue and an approach rooted in creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Below is just one example of our services. Visit our Photo Gallery and Bathroom Remodeling page for more information and work samples.

How We Renovated Our Jackson Client’s Water Damaged Bathroom

Our client was looking to update their original bathroom by making a few modern updates. As our team began to demo, it was clear that this homeowner fell victim to consistent water leaking from both the toilet and bathtub. What started as a simple and easily-repaired leak had, over time, grown to substantial damage. We determined that these homeowners needed to replace their wood subflooring.

Once the water-damaged areas were repaired, we were able to proceed with the rest of the updates. Since the homeowners opted to repurpose their current tub, we polished and repainted it to match the new sleek look of the bathroom.

By making a few additional changes, our client had a modern bathroom they were able to utilize. Updates like repainting the walls to a sleek gray and replacing dated tile with a Carrara marble subway tile really modernized this bathroom. A few other minor updates to the cabinetry and fixtures finished off the look and rewarded our homeowners with incredible function and style!

Tips for Preventing Your Bathroom from Causing Water Damage

A functional bathroom is key to any household — in fact, it might even be considered the most utilized room in the house. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure all aspects of your bathroom are kept up-to-date to avoid costly issues down the road.

When it comes to bathrooms, homeowners need to consider and address anything that might lead to water damage. Leaky faucets, cracks in the tub or deteriorating caulk can all be the culprit of severe water damage. Don’t let these small issues turn into larger and more serious ones.

Keep these few things in mind to prevent having water damage in your own bathroom.

1. Consistently Check for Cracks
Any cracks in your tub or toilet, even minor ones, can lead to severe damage if the area progressively leaks. Paying close attention to any cracks you notice and repairing them as soon as possible can help prevent a disaster down the road.

2. Replace Old Caulk
Maintaining caulk is extremely important – think of it as creating a seal between the tile. If that seal gets broken, water can leak through and cause water damage underneath the surface. Regularly inspecting any caulked areas and replacing when needed can help prevent any unforeseen water damage.

During our renovations, our team takes an extra step in preventing water damage by first laying down Redgard, which acts as a waterproof membrane at common meeting areas where caulk would also be used. Creating this initial seal prior to utilizing caulk has been a key factor in minimizing any foreseen water damage.

3. Keep the Door Closed
It may seem trivial but keeping the shower curtain or door securely closed while in use is important. This simple precaution helps save water consistently collecting on the floor.

Water damage isn’t something to be taken lightly. Preventing it altogether is ideal, but if the damage has already occurred, repairing and renovating your space simultaneously is a smart solution.

If you are considering an update to your bathroom or are concerned your bathroom has been affected by water damage, contact us for a consultation.

Jackson Bathroom Before Renovation by Rasinski Construction
Jackson Bathroom Renovation by Rasinski Construction