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We have been building and remodeling bathrooms for clients throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties for decades.  Our success is founded on a work ethic that focuses on open and honest dialogue and an approach rooted in creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Below is just one example of our services. Visit our Photo Gallery and Bathroom Remodeling page for more information and work samples.

No Space Is Hopeless – Even The Smallest of Areas Can Be Transformed into A Beautiful Oasis!

How We Helped Remodel a Homeowner’s Bathroom in Jackson

A homeowner in Jackson wanted to update their small, dated bathroom. The already-confined space was sectioned off by a wall between the toilet and the vanity, making the space feel even tighter. The tile was outdated and the color palettes clashed tragically. This bathroom was anything but an oasis for these homeowners and they were ready to get the most out of their available space.

After our consultation to survey the space and to discuss the family’s desires, our team began construction. We removed the wall dividing the toilet from the vanity and flipped the two fixture locations, so that the sink was now near the door. Opening the space and rearranging fixtures resulted in a drastic improvement in this tiny bathroom and allowed the space to appear much larger. We then swapped the previous red and purple color theme with a light gray paint on the walls and all clean, white fixtures, giving the room a light and airy feel. The wood subfloor needed to be repaired due to a leak in the toilet, which is not an uncommon issue. We laid beautiful wood-like porcelain flooring in an earth tone. Lastly, we installed an exhaust fan, which is a building code requirement, yet not typically present in older homes.

This Jackson family now has completely transformed their once-confined and outdated bathroom.

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Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Don’t let a small space fool you, there are so many ways to take advantage of a tiny bathroom from bold colors to vertical patterns to high end accessories. Here are some tips for remodeling small bathrooms.

• Bright, Bold Colors
The great advantage of a tiny space is that you can utilize bold, vibrant colors that may have been too overwhelming in a larger space Try bold tile on the floors or in the shower, bright paint or patterned wallpaper, or vibrant vanities to really make a statement. The pop of color can alternatively come from less-permanent items, such as colorful rugs, bold display items or showcasing vibrant hand towels.

• Light and Airy
If you’re not into the bold colors– using neutral colors will make the bathroom feel light and airy, thus creating the illusion of a bigger space. White trim, light gray colors, white subway tile, and natural light are a few ways to make a bathroom feel more spacious and calming.

• Keep It Open
Conserving space and reducing clutter is key in any small space, so avoid making the room feel closed off in any way. Frameless shower glass doors trick the eye and make the room appear larger. Eliminate enclosed cabinets that cause a small space to feel cluttered by opting for a wall mounted sink in lieu of bulky vanities and, for shelving, select open ones– these also act as an accent piece by showcasing beautiful decor pieces.

• Vertical and Horizontal Patterns
Create an illusion! Vertical striped wallpaper or paint can make a room feel larger, while adding uniqueness to the space. Also, try horizontal shiplap along the walls to bring the perception of a less-confined space.

• Buy Big, Spend Less
Less space to renovate means more opportunity to buy high end materials! You can budget for the statement-piece vanity or higher-end tile if your renovation requires less of it.

Jackson Bathroom Before Rasinski Construction Remodel
Jackson NJ Bathroom Remodel by Rasinski Construction
Jackson Bathroom 2 Before Rasinski Construction Remodel
Jackson NJ Bathroom Remodel Photo 2 by Rasinski Construction
Jackson NJ Bathroom Remodel Photo 2 by Rasinski Construction