Need extra space? Let our experienced team of professionals turn your basement into the living space you have always dreamed of. We help homeowners throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties transform below grade storage areas into home theaters, gyms, game rooms, bars, studio apartments, offices, man caves and more. Our team is here to help you with every phase of the project.

How We Helped Renovate One Homeowner’s Basement in Ocean Township, NJ

A family in Ocean County wanted to renovate their basement to create extra space in the house for their children to enjoy. After a consultation, a budget was set and a layout was designed and approved to carry an open floor plan with a full bath.

When building a bathroom below ground there are many important considerations and precautions. An ejector pump system will properly flush the waste water out even though it’s working against gravity. In order to do this for this homeowner, we broke through the basement’s concrete slab, where we installed bathroom fixture drain lines as well.

Once the drainage and pump system were complete, we built out typical metal framed walls and insulated the space with moisture resistant drywall. Since these homeowners wanted to relocate the home’s hot spot to the basement, we needed to account for the noise it would generate. To combat this, our team installed sound control insulation batts between the first-floor joists.

Lastly, we encased HVAC ducts with soffits and installed drop ceilings to cover the first-floor joists, which in this case would allow for easy future access to mechanicals.

This family in Stonehenge now has a finished basement with insulated walls, a full bath and finished ceilings that they are ready to turn into their game room complete with foosball and pool tables!

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What You Need to Know Before Renovating a Basement

Renovating a basement is different than renovating the rest of your house. Considerably more advanced research is vital to the reconstruction of your new space below grade. There is a lot to take into consideration like moisture, building codes, and all around safety. Below are just a few things to know before beginning demo!

Building Codes

Before beginning any renovation project, contact a local authority to determine the building codes and inspection processes pertaining to your town. Each municipality has its own regulations but obtaining a permit and scheduling inspections throughout the project are definite musts no matter your town.

If the renovations are beyond your skillset, then hire a contractor; they provide their own permits and should carry detailed knowledge of the local building codes.


The major difference between basement remodeling compared to the rest of your house is that the space is underground. Therefore, proper precautions must be taken since that the walls are surrounded my soil and moisture.

Inspect the vicinity and repair any cracks in the foundation walls that will cause leaks before beginning any work. To better prevent flooding, ensure that the ground surrounding your home slopes away from the house leading the water toward the street instead of your basement. Lastly, to avoid moisture, install a vapor barrier between the walls and floors before applying insulation.


Safety is always at the forefront, so don’t cut corners when it comes to your basement. Before you create a living space in the basement for your family to enjoy, it is important to test for radon, which is an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas that can seep in from nearby soil.

If your basement doesn’t already have them, plan on installing egress windows in case of emergencies like a house fire. Some building codes may even require these windows in order for it to be considered a room.


A finished ceiling in your basement can add value to your home but covering plumbing and electrical can make future access difficult. Drop ceilings are a great option, allowing access to mechanicals while also an economical choice. No need to worry that your new space will resemble an office – there are so many design options these days to fit any style!

Basement in Ocean County before Rasinski Construction Remodel
Framing of a Basement Remodel in Ocean County by Rasinski Construction
Basement Remodeling in Ocean County by Rasinski Construction
Basement Remodel with Full Bathroom in Ocean County by Rasinski Construction