Unfinished basements are untapped potential. Do not waste this valuable square footage. Instead, take advantage of the extra living space by transforming your basement into a place that fits your needs.

With so many opportunities, take the time to address the best use of the space and what type of “rooms” would work best in the space available. Here are just a few ideas and pointers on how to make your basement work for you!

Create the Extra Living Space You Crave

Office Space

Do you work from home or need a separate designated office space? Well, basements are a great place for a home office because they are separated from the rest of the house. Being isolated from the main level will provide privacy, help avoid distractions and minimize noise while allowing you to be close to the family and the comforts of home. You may likely also have the ability to create a larger office in the basement than you would trying to squeeze it on the busy, upper floors.

Home Gym

If you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home, then convert your basement space into a home gym. You will benefit from more privacy and flexibility. If you find yourself skipping the gym because you don’t have the time to get there on a weekday, then this renovation will minimize travel time and maximize convenience. Plus, this is something the whole family can enjoy without the expensive membership fees!

Basements are the ideal location for a home gym. Most have concrete floors, perfect to withstand heavy equipment. Interlocking rubber floor tiles can be laid to absorb sound and impact. Make sure to survey your available space before you begin design plans or purchase equipment. If your basement is spacious and open, then large equipment and multiple accessories may not be an issue. However, if the space is choppy or sectioned off by walls, consider a multi-use exercise machine to avoid clutter and maintain sufficient, open space to avoid possible injuries.

Home Movie Theater

By their nature, basements offer very little light, making them the perfect spot for a home movie theater! Being below ground, you’ll gain the benefit of reduced noise from the main level, however sound proofing walls is also a beneficial option. Since basement walls are often unfinished, it’s the perfect time to run cable wires and sound system electrical before putting up the drywall. It’s becoming increasingly popular for families to stream movies at home after they are released, so why not bring the luxurious atmosphere of a real cinema into the comfort of your home?

Apartment Space for In-Laws, Teens, or Rent

If additional income is more essential than utilizing your basement space for yourself, then perhaps renovating it into an apartment is the right option. If you live near a college, there could be demand from college students to rent off campus. Or perhaps you live in a tourist area and want to list your place as an Airbnb. If rental income isn’t your goal, then maybe you want to transform it into a separate apartment for elderly parents who can’t live alone, to house an au pair, or for your returning college grad who needs a rent-free place while he pays off some student loans. In any case, transforming basements into apartments has become mainstream being that the space is already available and is large enough, just be sure to follow the proper guidelines for below ground construction.

With so many options for your unused basement, it may be hard to decide how to put it to use. First, take a good hard look at your needs to determine what remodeling plan will work best for your family, then contact a qualified contractor to help you bring your visions to life!

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Remodeled Basement Bathroom by Rasinski Construction

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