Take advantage of the warm spring and summer weather by spending time outdoors on a beautiful new deck. There’s no better time to consider a deck renovation or addition to create the perfect outdoor relaxation and entertainment space with an experienced contractor.

Let Us Help You Build the Deck of Your Dreams

Enjoy the Benefits of Composite Decking Material

Over recent years, deck material has advanced quite a bit and improved in both durability and aesthetic. If your deck is old, it probably could use a facelift. As your deck ages, it can become less sturdy and, in many cases, unsafe to use. Renovating your deck provides you the opportunity to use modern materials, like composite decking, that will stand up to the elements, requiring less maintenance.

Increase Your Home’s Value

An outdoor renovation can bring about a great return on investment. Well designed and functional outdoor spaces are highly sought after by prospective buyers. Even if you have no plans on selling anytime soon, adding or improving your deck space will serve you well on resale, even years down the road. In fact, according to Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value 2018 report, a composite deck addition can bring about 58.9% return on investment.

We’re on Top of Town Regulations

Just like materials change over time, so do municipality regulations for outdoor renovations. A deck that was considered safe and compliant several years ago may not meet current standards. We will inspect the condition of your deck and make recommendations for its renovation or modification – all according to code.

Beginning of Deck Installation in Ocean County NJ - Rasinski Construction
Deck Installation in Ocean County NJ - Rasinski Construction
Deck Installed in Ocean County NJ - Rasinski Construction

How We Restored a Client’s Worn Out Deck

An Ocean County homeowner contacted our team to take a look at their existing deck, with an eye toward a possible renovation. Their current deck consisted of traditional 2’ x 6’ wood decking that became difficult for the homeowners to maintain. After examining the condition of the deck materials and overall support structure, and consulting with the homeowners on their specific needs and preferences, we began the rehab project. Our team stripped down the deck, replacing compromised deck joists and correcting several posts that did not have sufficient concrete footings, which over time had caused the deck to bow in certain sections. We replaced the traditional wood planks with Timbertech brand composite decking and radiance composite railings. These materials are extremely durable and require little maintenance, yet carry the look and feel of real wood. By using them, the deck will stand the test of time without the need for staining or sanding and be resistant to mold, mildew, stains, scratches, and damage from termites and rot. To complete this deck, we installed Certain Teed brand vinyl soffit material to the bottom of the deck for full coverage.

If you’re interested in renovating your existing deck or building a new one, our team is ready to get started with a free consultation. We are a qualified contractor ready to provide you the highly durable, low maintenance deck of your dreams.