We have been building and remodeling bathrooms for clients throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties for decades. Our success is founded on a work ethic that focuses on open and honest dialogue and an approach rooted in creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Below is just one example of our services. Visit our Photo Gallery and Bathroom Remodeling page for more information and work samples.

How We Remodeled Our Jackson Client’s Master Bathroom

After outgrowing their obsolete platform tub, our client wanted to create a more modern and functional master bathroom. Simply eliminating the platform tub altogether opened up the bathroom. We were then able to gut the space and reconfigure the plumbing to allow for a new room configuration, which included a freestanding tub and shower.

The homeowners opted to add dimension to their outdated all white bathroom by updating to natural shades and materials. Italian porcelain created a dark wood plank style floor. The shower walls were tiled in simple white plank style, while the walls were painted a light calming gray.

Keeping functionality in mind, our clients chose to build a custom-made vanity in a dark toned wood with matching wood framed mirrors. While not all homeowners may choose to have a vanity custom built, storage is essential to any master bathroom. Ensuring there is enough storage space assures there’s a designated area for storing towels or bath and body products, which eliminates the need for leaving the sink counter cluttered.

Simple modernization techniques rewarded our clients with not only a master bathroom they can use for years, but a key selling point should they decide to sell down the road.

Tips for Modernizing Your Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom should be your oasis. However, over the years, master bathrooms certainly get their wear and tear. Updating your master bathroom not only creates a better living situation, but it is an item highly coveted by future home buyers. If you are considering modernizing your master bathroom, consider a few of these trends.

Freestanding Tub

Though it is usually the homeowner’s preference, if a homeowner is interested in creating a spa-like master bath, a freestanding tub us a great way to do so. Freestanding bathtubs come in different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, making it easier to customize your master bath to your liking.

Spa-like Showerhead

Homeowners looking to update their bathroom to be more luxurious should consider replacing their showerhead. Opting for a showerhead with different settings lets you have your pick of water pressure. In addition, certain showerheads come with Bluetooth capabilities to allow for music streaming.


Many homeowners’ master bathrooms lack storage. If you decide to remodel, be sure to allow for enough storage space, which will keep everything you need in arm’s reach and keep the room clutter-free.

Wood Tile

With wood flooring throughout the home being a popular trend, it’s no wonder homeowners are looking for a way to add wood flooring to their bathrooms. While natural wood would be easily damaged, homeowners are finding porcelain-like wood planks will do just the trick.

Whether it’s a simple update like swapping out a showerhead or something a bit more complex like reconfiguring plumbing to include a freestanding tub and shower stall, the most important part of any master bathroom renovation is creating a space that works for your lifestyle.

Our qualified contractors can guide you in creating a bathroom that suits your needs and style. Contact Rasinski Construction today to schedule a remodeling consultation.

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Master Bathroom Shower Before Remodel
Master Bathroom Shower - Remodeling by Rasinski Construction
Master Bathroom Tub Before Remodel
Master Bathroom Tub - Remodeling by Rasinski Construction