Bathroom renovation continues to dominate when it comes to home remodeling projects.  Of course, the extent of the renovation is determined by the current condition of the bathroom and the homeowner’s budget and commitment.  A modern and functional bathroom is more than aesthetically pleasing, bathroom renovations result in improved daily living, increased resale value and, often times, greater energy efficiency.

What’s Trending in Bathroom Remodels?

• Focal Point Features: Going big with a walk-in shower or an impressive tub – especially for a master bathroom suite – is popular with many homeowners and allows for a spa-like living space.

• Modern Fixtures: An easy way to make visual impact in a bathroom is to update dated fixtures. Fixtures today come in a variety of colors, metals and styles and updating light fixtures, faucets and hardware will give a high-end look with a lower-end cost.

• Modern Wall & Subway Tiles: Nothing dates a bathroom more than once-trendy tile. Today’s tile is modern and clean with bright colors, beautiful design and endless options. Even if your preference is to keep it simple and classic, you can’t go wrong with white subway tile or Carrera marble.

• Energy Efficiencies: Today’s homeowners are trending for energy efficient homes. Proper insulation, dry wall and construction are key to achieving energy efficiencies for the life of the home.

Frame for New Bath Tub - Jackson NJ
New Deep Soaking Bath Tub - Jackson NJ

See How We Renovated a Builders Grade Bathroom in Jackson

We recently renovated a bathroom in Jackson, New Jersey. The home had a large cumbersome corner spa tub that wasted considerable space.  We relocated a new deep-soaking tub against the wall, which then allowed for a much larger shower and center vanity.  A much better use of space – and great focal point features!

Generally, builder grade bathrooms use average fixtures that are simply functional.  These homeowners selected high-end finishes and it made a huge difference.  It will also really pay off with the home’s resale value.

Once we removed the tub, we found little to no insulation behind the tub frame – which is all too common in builder grade homes.  It results in drafts or even freezing pipes – especially when the bathroom is over the garage as in this house. We added the missing insulation for added frost protection and energy savings.

Home renovation projects can be daunting, but quality results will improve the way your family lives for years to come.  Talk to a qualified home improvement contractor before you begin your project.  Share your ideas, but also take advantage of your contractor’s experience.  As a professional who has undoubtedly renovated hundreds of bathrooms, their job is to deliver your bathroom oasis with as little stress as possible.

Bathroom Renovation in Jackson NJ
New Bathroom Vanity - Jackson, NJ

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