We Modernize Bathrooms in Monmouth and Ocean County

We have been building and remodeling bathrooms for clients throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties for decades. Our success is founded on a work ethic that focuses on open and honest dialogue and an approach rooted in creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Below is just one example of our services. Visit our Photo Gallery and Bathroom Remodeling page for more information and work samples.

Tips and Ideas for Updating Your Bathroom


Bathroom fixtures can change the look of the entire bathroom. They are amazing accent pieces that can effectively tie together and complete the style of a bathroom. However, while they are chosen to enhance the physical appeal of a space, they are also chosen to enhance functionality as well, such as eco-friendly faucets to conserve water usage or hands-free faucets to minimize the spread of bacteria.

Go Boards

Go Boards are a less expensive alternative to cement boards for tile installations for showers, walls, ceilings and floors. They are extremely durable but ultra-lightweight and easy to handle, being that they can be cut with a basic utility knife without crumbling.

Built-In Shower Seats

Built-in shower seats are great additions to walk-in showers and can provide assisted balance while bathing, whether you’re shaving or recently had an injury. They are also great assets for aging in place homeowners who may not be able to stand for extended periods of time but wish to still be independent.

Shower Wall Niches

Recessed shower shelves are extremely trendy right now. They provide a seamless and clean appearance that lends to less clutter. Your contractor can achieve this for your remodel by installing niches, prebuilt pockets that fit into a cutout created in the wall and then tiled seamlessly with the shower. The result is beautiful recessed shelving in multiple shapes and designs!

How We Helped a Homeowner in Manasquan Update Their Bathroom

A homeowner in Manasquan wanted to update their second-floor bath, which consisted of an outdated fiber glass shower and a bland overall appearance that needed a facelift. After our consultation and survey of the space, we gained a clear understanding of the homeowner’s objectives and preferences. With that, we began to revive this bathroom.

We first removed the tub and then began renovations for a walk-in shower with sliding glass doors to modernize the space and create a less cluttered appearance. We utilized a Tile Redi shower pan for the base of the shower, which is a customizable, leak-proof pan that can be installed and tiled in the same day. This is a great choice to keep the renovation moving without additional downtime. We installed Noble brand shower niches for recessed pocket shelving and attached a built-in corner shower seat, which provided these homeowners with neat storage space within the shower and added stability for both the children and adults in this home.

On the walls, we used Johns Manville Go Boards in lieu of cement boards to prepare them for tiling. We used premium, Italian porcelain tile for these shower walls and for the floors as well. A new vanity, with ample cabinet and drawers gave these homeowners additional storage space. A trendy mirror, fresh paint and silver Kohler fixtures tied everything together with a modern look.

If you’re looking to update your bathroom give my team a call today for a remodeling consultation!

Manasquan NJ Bathroom Before Rasinski Construction Remodel
Tiling of Shower for Manasquan NJ Bathroom Remodel by Rasinski Construction
Vanity in Manasquan NJ Bathroom Remodel by Rasinski Construction
Manasquan NJ Bathroom Renovation - Rasinski Construction
Bathroom Renovation in Manasquan NJ by Rasinski Construction