Open Concept Renovations That Create Space & Improve Efficiency

Open concept is today’s hottest home renovation trend.  Many homeowners in Ocean and Monmouth Counties live in older homes with distinctive rooms.  It can seem impossible to achieve a desirable open concept layout – unless, you have the right contractor.  Rasinski Construction – located in Jackson, NJ – is ready to deliver the open concept renovation your family has been dreaming about.

The Pros To Open Concept Living

Open concept home designs can create the appearance of a more spacious and uncluttered living space while providing a more energy-efficient layout due to the increase of natural light.  Many families with small children seek an open layout so that they can watch over their children while working in the kitchen or preparing meals.  While this type of living space is ideal for families, it is also a sought-after layout for single professionals due to the increased open entertainment value, and seniors looking for greater simplicity and function.

Converting to Open Concept Requires Experienced Contractors

Achieving an open concept layout within a traditional home requires a seasoned and knowledgeable contractor.  Understanding the home’s structure and being honest about expectations is critical to success.  Many homeowners may have a vision of what they would like to achieve with their open concept remodel, but only a knowledgeable and trustworthy contractor will confirm that those plans can come to fruition.  Rasinski Construction is a proven partner that has successfully transformed traditional layouts – from consultation to design to demolition to construction – our team of qualified experts will deliver.

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