Families Trust Our Family with their Home Remodeling Needs

For many homeowners, the mere thought of home renovations can be confusing, intimidating and overwhelming. This is not surprising when you consider all the many homeowner stories that include disastrous renovation results, unanticipated expenses and blown timelines. With so many of our clients coming to us through friends’ recommendations, we are committed to maintaining a reputation of excellence. When a family trusts the Rasinski family with their home, we do not take that lightly.

Every Rasinski Renovation Focuses on Exceptional Craftsmanship & Project Professionalism

From start to finish, our project process supports client comfort and quality results:

  • Initial Consultation, Evaluation, Recommendations
  • Preliminary Schematic Design, Estimates and Timeline
  • Design Development
  • Lead Specialized Vendor Selection
  • Develop Schedule, Onsite Team Coordination
  • Secure Construction Permits
  • Conduct Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Maintain Regular Client Communication
  • Prepare Ongoing Budget Audit, Schedule
  • Obtain Final Homeowner Approval

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