It has been nearly five years since Super Storm Sandy shocked the state of New Jersey, especially those residing along the Jersey shore; however, homeowners are still recovering. Not only are many property owners still working to repair damage to their homes, but they also struggle to strike a balance between meeting new FEMA regulations and retaining home value and function.

With over 20 years of contracting experience, we have seen our fair share of property damage from natural disasters and know not only how to repair the damage, but how to help prevent it from happening again all while adhering to FEMA guidelines.

Lifting A Home Requires Experience, Skill & Knowledge

Lifting a home – regardless of its size – is a considerable project and requires a reliable contractor who is experienced in the process and not afraid to do the right amount of homework. Consideration needs to be given to the many municipal, county, state, FEMA and utility company procedures and requirements. As an experienced contractor, we understand these regulations and know how to meet them to avoid unnecessary delays during the project. We can also guide you in the right direction regarding possible grant programs.

Each Home Raise Comes with Unique Challenges

Every house lift has its own particular set of challenges and specific homeowner requirements. We understand your needs right from the start. Our team assesses your home to identify potential challenges and unique details well in advance of beginning the project.

No two house lifts are alike, because no two families are alike. Meeting the needs of the homeowner is most important and it requires a lot of homework and planning. We strive to ensure your needs – and expectations – are met successfully.

A House Lift In Bayville, New Jersey

Bayville, New Jersey homeowners recently contracted with our expert team when they made the decision to raise their 1990s ranch home that was built on wood pilings. Since the couple owned the home without a mortgage, they were not required to meet the new FEMA flood plain guidelines. However, they decided to make the investment for several reasons, including to take advantage of the grant money available to them, better ensure the home’s future value, and secure more reasonable flood insurance premiums.

There were two concerns expressed to our team during our initial meeting. First, maintaining handicap accessibility for the newly raised home was non-negotiable. Second, they didn’t want to eliminate an existing screened-in gazebo – it needed to be a feature in the newly-raised home. Both items were important to these homeowners, and therefore they were important to us.

In addition to including handicap ramping for the home, our client also opted to include an elevator in the design. With an entrance through their garage, this certainly helps simplify daily living, and assists with exiting in the event of an evacuation. The existing gazebo was reinstalled on a new deck that was built around the house after it was raised.

Our Bayville, New Jersey clients will not only be able to enjoy their newly lifted house for years to come, but will also benefit financially from this renovation down the road.

Bayville, NJ house before raising, front view
Bayville, NJ house after raising, front view
Bayville, NJ house before raising, rear view
Bayville, NJ house after raising, rear view

If you are looking to raise your Jersey shore home, call us to schedule a consultation.