When it comes to home renovation, it is critical that homeowners consult with their chosen contractor, especially before purchasing any materials. Today’s features and amenities – everything from flooring to finishes – might not be compatible with your home construction or plumbing. What may start with an intention to save money, may actually increase your budget when purchased materials require modifications in order to make them work in the space.

Take for example, a recent bathroom renovation we managed in Howell, New Jersey, where the homeowner selected and purchased a vanity in advance. Due to its design, this particular vanity required considerable plumbing modifications that otherwise wouldn’t have been necessary.

Don’t buy your own materials.  It seems like an obvious way to save money but it all too often winds up costing the homeowner more time and / or money in the end. A qualified contractor, familiar with the renovation space and your preferences, is the best resource for choosing the best materials and products for your project. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Work a reliable network: Any good contractor will have established and trusted relationships with suppliers. Ask your contractor for recommendations. After we were contracted for the renovation, we were able to work with the Howell homeowners to provide guidance and opinions on many of their renovation fixtures.

Trust experience: Contractors work on houses every single day and their experience is invaluable when it comes to materials and products, which puts them in a great position to know about products that are tried and true.

Keep it local: Buying local products and materials helps your region’s economy and also reduces shipping costs. In the case of our Howell homeowners, the vanity they ordered was first received at an incorrect size, and then the replacement was received cracked. All the back and forth to ship incorrect or broken items added an additional month to the timeline.

Buy extra: Any good contractor will understand how much waste is required for a given project. The best way to ensure you have enough materials to finish you unique renovation is to follow your contractor’s recommendations or allow them to purchase the needed materials.

Have backup: Always have your contractor check your purchase order. Even if you strongly prefer to source your own materials, have your contractor take a look at your planned items. You can’t send a custom item back because you failed to notice some key spec details like the wrong door swing or a window designed for the wrong sized walls.

Any home renovation project is both a big commitment and investment. A qualified home improvement contractor will ensure that your project stays as stress free as possible and that you have the right materials and products to deliver on your budget – and your renovation vision.

Howell NJ Bathroom Renovation – Vanity Area After
Howell NJ Bathroom Renovation – Vanity Area Before
Howell NJ Bathroom Renovation – Shower Area After

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