Rasinski Home Renovations Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary

Brick, Toms River, Jackson, Ocean … What do all our clients from throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties have in common?  They each place tremendous value on an exceptional process, peace of mind and quality results.

Our Renovation Process: The Big Picture with a Small Detail Obsession

When a homeowner selects Rasinski Construction, they can be certain that we will not only see their big picture vision, but that we will execute it with a laser-detail focus.  Your home is an investment – but, it is also much more.  Your home is family, security, stability and comfort.  Your home is important to you – and that is why it is important to us.  When you make the decision to renovate – whether it is an extensive room addition or an updated bathroom – we know it hasn’t been made lightly.  You’re committed and your expectations are high.  You need a skilled partner that will deliver on your ultimate vision – on time and on budget – all while managing the many small yet extremely vital project details.

Home Contractors that Deliver Peace of Mind

Our process starts from the moment we meet with a homeowner in order to truly understand their vision, goals and expectations.  We will always deliver honest and clear communication – setting realistic budgets, schedules and expectations.

Our clients are unwilling to trust their home renovations to just any contractor.  Today’s building codes and environmental regulations are increasingly stringent and ever-evolving. Errors in construction can impact homeowners functionally and financially for years to come.  Rasinski Construction is committed to remaining abreast of both the latest building requirements and techniques by attending industry and government seminars and manufacturer certification courses.

When a client chooses Rasinski Construction, they take comfort in our skill, experience, knowledge and problem-solving creativity.  When a client chooses Rasinski Construction, they truly are choosing peace of mind.

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