Let Rasinski Construction Transform Your Lower Level into Beautiful Extra Living Space

Remodeling the basement is an efficient and convenient way to create more livable space in your home, eliminating the need for an addition. However, transforming a basement space is not the same for all homeowners. Here are just a few of the trends we’ve been asked by our homeowner clients to create in their basements:


If you’re looking for the ultimate man cave, then adding a bar to your basement is a must. Think high end counter tops, wine fridge, bar stools and TVs. For some of our clients, we’ve tapped into existing plumbing at ground level to provide a wet bar.

Apartment or Guest Room

Multigenerational housing has become a big trend, so converting the basement into a separate apartment is a great way to add space without requiring a home addition. If you don’t need an entirely separate living space, creating a guest bedroom will allow you to host guests or in-lawns more comfortably.


Not only does adding a bathroom to your basement make for greater convenience, it adds tremendous value to your home.

Home Theater

With limited natural light, the basement is the perfect place to create a home theater, with a big screen TV, surround sound speakers and plush seating.

Play Room

If you need more space for your children to play – and to store all their toys – create a functional playroom in unused basement space.

Home Gym

A home gym is typically a plus for busy homeowners looking for convenience.

Marlboro NJ Basement Before Rasinski Construction Remodel
Marlboro NJ Basement During Rasinski Construction Remodel
Basement Shower in Marlboro NJ by Rasinski Construction
Basement Bathroom in Marlboro NJ by Rasinski Construction

How We Helped Renovate a Bathroom in Marlboro, NJ

A client in Marlboro, New Jersey, had their basement flood when their sewer line backed up. Any time a basement floods, it’s problematic and typically causes considerable damage – most especially when due to sewer issues. It can lead to dangerous bacteria and mold growth to the affected carpets, walls, furniture, and any personal belongings. This Marlboro family was no exception. Their basement was completely destroyed.

Sometimes certain things can be salvaged, but after a sewer line back-up, nearly everything will need to be replaced. And, with hazardous material likely present in the case of sewer contamination, the demolition of the area should be managed by a professional contractor. In the case of our Marlboro residents, they first attempted the cleanup on their own, only to quickly realize the debris and demolition required special handling.

Our team gutted the entire basement, removing all pre-existing flooring and drywall, and performing necessary sanitization and remediation of the contaminated area. Once the area was sanitized of hazardous bacteria and pathogens, we were able to renovate the space into the ultimate family room, including a luxurious bathroom with a high-end shower with a built-in shower seat and custom pocket shelving, rain ceiling shower head and frameless shower glass doors. This remodel not only addressed the water damage in the basement and restored the family’s living space, but increased the value of the home, especially with the added bathroom.

If you’re looking to upgrade your basement, contact our qualified team today to book a remodeling consultation.