A bathroom is an essential part of any home, but it’s a room that is too often overlooked. Updating this space to make it more functional and stylish, or adding a new bathroom, can add value to any home. Generally, an outdated bathroom can be easily remodeled within the existing space. As a full service contractor, Rasinski Construction handles all of the aspects of your bathroom remodel. We identify and implement any plumbing, structural and electrical upgrades required, offer guidance on cosmetic changes that will meet an individual budget, then get to work bringing your dream bathroom to life.

We Are Current with All the Latest Bathroom Trends, such as:

Heated Flooring – Many consider this more of a splurge than a necessity, but adding heated floors to your bathroom during a renovation is a welcome comfort during the cold winter months. Today’s options can be programmed to make it as energy efficient as possible.

Storage – With numerous people sharing one bathroom, the personal care and beauty products can clutter up a bathroom vanity. Any bathroom renovation today will include clever storage areas to keep everything neat and in its place.

White on White – This year, white is trending in bathroom makeovers, evoking a feeling of wholeness, purity and completion. Various shades of white cabinetry, countertops and tile are all working together to create a striking, monochromatic space.

Wood Tile – Recent technological advances have led to a porcelain tile that has the look of hardwood. With many colors and plank sizes to choose from, homeowners can select the flooring that matches their aesthetic, and because porcelain is not a natural material like wood, it’s perfect for the bathroom environment.

Sound Systems –
For many homeowners, music is making its way into the bathroom as part of a luxurious spa experience. More bathroom renovations are including blue tooth speakers installed into the ceiling or showerheads with music streaming capabilities.

A Bathroom We Renovated in Freehold, New Jersey

We recently had an opportunity to add some of these features to a bathroom renovation in Freehold, New Jersey. These homeowners had neglected their bathroom long enough. They were ready to make some changes to the 5’ x 8’ space. It was outdated and no longer functional. In fact, these homeowners were avoiding using the space altogether!

Like with all our projects, we began with a thorough discussion of these homeowners’ needs and preferences, and completed a detailed assessment of the space structure. Since it was determined that the bathroom would be gutted, we had the opportunity to make some key updates that really impacted the way these homeowners would enjoy the bathroom space.

First, with all the walls open, we were able to update the plumbing and electric. While it’s not a part of the renovation that can be easily seen in the after photos, these upgrades are very important and add immense convenience. A problem with older bathrooms is often a lack of outlets, or poorly placed outlets. Outlets should be located every 4’, which is a bit closer than the electrical code minimum requirement. Additionally, the demands for electrical power have increased over the years, so upgrading the system for more amps is wise.

With the floor ripped up, it was the perfect time to install a Nu Heat electric mat under the new bathroom tile. We were also able to utilize the same bathroom footprint, but developed a more functional layout with increased storage and counter space and wall space for heated towel bars.

Most people spend the first and last minutes of their days in the bathroom. That means comfort and ambiance is important. While a renovation can seem intimidating, selecting a qualified contractor is vital in making for a smooth process and improving the functionality of the home — this Freehold renovation project allowed a household to utilize their bathroom once again.

Bathroom Remodel in Freehold NJ

If you’re looking for a qualified contractor to upgrade your bathroom, give us a call today. See our Photo Gallery for some samples of work for homeowners throughout Ocean County.