Let an Experienced Contractor Guide You in a Direction that Meets Your Budget

Kitchen remodeling can be a huge undertaking and without the right, experienced contractor, your dream kitchen can quickly turn into a financial nightmare. We help homeowners throughout Ocean County transform their kitchens – and stay on budget.

A Kitchen Built for Your Lifestyle

Every family is unique. Whether you are a large family, a single professional, or a family with special needs, your kitchen needs to work for YOU. We will help you create a layout and design that meets your decor aesthetics and functions for your lifestyle.

Tips on How to Save Money on Your Kitchen Renovation

Throughout the years, we have worked with many homeowners who were on a tight budget. We have found the following tips can help transform a kitchen without breaking the bank.

Have a Plan

Develop a plan in advance of construction. Purchasing all materials and fixtures before beginning demolition lessens the risk of delays and higher-than-expected costs.

Keep the Footprint

Changing the footprint of your kitchen requires considerably more demolition, plumbing and electrical work, which can quickly increase the renovation budget. By keeping the existing kitchen footprint, you can put more of your budget toward upgrades, cabinets and fixtures.

Don’t Buy New – Revamp

It’s common to want to ditch those outdated cabinets when renovating your kitchen, but if you’re looking to save money, try a coat of white paint and new hardware! Also, if the cabinet boxes and shelving are in good shape, another cost-saving option is to replace only the cabinet doors.

Utilizing leftover materials can be a fantastic money saver. Inquire with your contractor about sourcing leftover materials from their previous projects or check out supply yards for granite stone remnants, especially if you don’t have a lot of surface area to cover.

Once your kitchen renovation is complete, stretch your money even further by putting your own left over materials to good use. Excess granite make for great cutting boards, tile can be transformed into trivets for hot pots and leftover over wood might be reused to build small furniture pieces like end tables, a bookcase or floating shelves!

If you have existing hardwood floors, sand and refinish them to eliminate the cost of brand new flooring! If new flooring is a must, check out linoleum and laminate, which are less expensive options that reflect the look of tile and hardwood flooring.

Lighting won’t hurt your wallet but will make all the difference. A less costly element of your kitchen renovation, the right lighting can add big impact, create the illusion of more space and make the room look new. Concentrate bright lighting on areas where you cook and add under cabinet lights for that wow factor.

A Jackson, NJ Kitchen Renovated on a Budget

A family in Jackson had finally grown tired of their builder’s grade kitchen and decided to renovate. When our team first met with the homeowners, they were clear on their budget and desire for a cost savings. Our team had some great suggestions on how to upgrade the kitchen, increase its functionality and remain on budget. First, we recommended the family maintain the existing kitchen layout to maximize their budget and choose to replace the outdated appliances with modern and efficient models. Rather than replace the flooring, we refinished it to give it a brand new look. We installed stylish, yet affordable, Wellborn cabinets and added detail finishes like crown molding and end panels to lend to a high-end appearance. Granite countertops were selected and a contrasting color was used for the center island to create impact. To provide the family with more storage and organization, we reconstructed the inefficient pantry with pull-out shelving.

Kitchen upgrades do not need to break the bank! Let an experienced contractor help you create a dream kitchen on a budget.

Jackson NJ Kitchen Before Renovation by Rasinski Construction View 1
Jackson NJ Kitchen Before Renovation by Rasinski Construction View 2
Jackson NJ Kitchen Renovation by Rasinski Construction View 1
Jackson NJ Kitchen Renovation by Rasinski Construction View 2