Here Are Tips for How to Find a Good Home Remodeling Contractor

Unfortunately, many homeowners experience challenges with their contractors. Whether they hired someone who proved negligent, failed to reach expectations and, even in some cases, took deposit money for a job they failed to complete. Experiences like this leave many homeowners fearful of home renovation projects. In some instances, homeowners are forced to hire a second contractor to remedy the mistakes of the first.

Choosing a reliable contractor is not always easy. Here are a few tips to consider.

Do your research

– Lean on friends and family for referrals and positive contractor experiences.
– Check reviews from trusted websites and ask for references.
– Look for industry qualifications, like licensing and certification.

Get competitive estimates

– After you’ve done your research, select two or three contractors to provide estimates. Compare not only costs, but also timelines, work philosophy and project portfolios.

Always insist on a written contract

– Contract requirements may vary by state but having something in writing is always beneficial – especially in instances when challenges arise. Make sure any contract you sign has all the details, anticipated timeline, cost estimate and payment requirements.

Keep good records

– You should keep copies of the contract, any changes made throughout the duration of the project, all communication with your contractor and a record of all payments. Be sure to photograph the job progress. Photos might come in handy in instances of an issue.

Bathroom Before Rasinski Construction Remodel

How We Helped Remedy Another Contractor’s Remodeling Mistake

A family in Jackson, NJ, fell victim to an inexperienced contractor when they tried to have their leaky toilet fixed. Within just a few months after the initial renovation, the family realized that the repair wasn’t done correctly, as the toilet was rocking back and forth on its foundation. Attempts to reach the original contractor with the problem, were unsuccessful.

Our team quickly assessed the situation, identifying that the repair was not successful in that the toilet was continuing to leak and creating even more water damage to the home. We were able to identify the source of the leak, remedy the damage and provide an overall upgrade to this dated bathroom.

We upgraded the lighting with a recessed LED shower light and added 3” x 6” white subway tiles in the shower for a clean, timeless look. To counterbalance the white fixtures and tiling, we warmed up the space with wood plank porcelain flooring. As a smaller bathroom, the original dark walls were repainted in a much lighter color. Adding greater function to this family bathroom, we constructed a linen closet with built-in adjustable shelving. The Rasinski team of contractors was pleased to help these homeowners turnaround their unfortunate renovation.

Hire an Experienced Team

Before you hire your next contractor for home renovations make sure to do your research and follow the proper steps to ensure the project goes smoothly and successfully.

Homeowners continuously turn to Rasinski Construction for trusted expertise in home improvement projects. If you live in the Ocean County, New Jersey area, give us a call. Our team of experienced contractors is happy to help you with your home remodeling needs.

Bathroom During Rasinski Construction Remodel
Bathroom Remodeling by Rasinski Construction's Experienced Contractors