A trending alternative to freestanding furniture, built-ins add desirable decor elements and function to a home. We design and install custom built-in features for homeowners throughout the Ocean County area that bring visual allure, added storage and interesting focal points to a space.

Visual Appeal

Built-ins are loved for their aesthetic, blending well with any décor and giving a room balance. Alternatively, free-standing furniture can often be bulky and challenging to fit into certain space layouts with other furniture. Installing custom built-ins allows a homeowner to fit unique dimensions and conform with any style of a room seamlessly.

Storage Capabilities

Most homeowners could use more storage and built-ins are a terrific solution to that ongoing challenge. Custom designed to encompass an entire wall or section of a room without the bulk of a free-standing storage unit, built-ins will offer open shelves, closed cabinetry or decorative drawers that will do an excellent job at keeping a homeowners’ belongings tidy and out of sight.

Focal Point

Free-standing furniture brings unwanted attention to certain areas of a room; therefore, detracting from an intended focal point. However, built-ins are a statement piece themselves, sleek in design and able to work in conjunction with any focal point. The right built-in will house a TV, encase a fireplace, showcase a piece of art and bring a spotlight to any other area of interest within the space.

Wall Township Built-In Project Before Photo - Rasinski Construction
Wall Township Built-In Project After Photo - Rasinski Construction

Built-In Ideas


It’s typical to buy freestanding hutches and armoires for displaying antiques or storing belongings and garments. However, they can be bulky or throw a room off balance. That’s why built-ins have become a huge trend. By installing dressing room shelving that configures to the space of a closet or bedroom or constructing cabinets and countertops that frame the washer and dryer, homeowners create function with a blended aesthetic.


Recessed built-ins require a little more work and planning, but they make a massive impact on function and are the perfect solution for small spaces. Homeowners can turn an awkward alcove in the kitchen into a cozy breakfast nook, create a perfectly snug workspace by installing a desk with attached shelving into the recess of the wall and even build bunk beds into the wall for a growing family!


Additional seating is easily created with custom built-ins that serve a dual purpose for storage! Customized window built-in benches add value to any room and large families really take advantage of mudroom seating combined with cubbies, hooks and storage cubes!

A Custom Built-In Installation in Wall Township

A client from Wall Township wanted to update their living room and add more functionality to the space. In the corner of the room they had a TV on a basic entertainment system that was encroaching on the fireplace, which caused the room to look off balance without a true focal point. The family wanted to bring better balance to the room, while also allowing for storage space for gaming systems, surround sound receiver and other media players.

Our team consulted with the family and suggested we mount the TV over the fireplace to create symmetry, eliminating the need for the bulky, out-of-place entertainment system. We then needed to tackle the storage challenge with a custom built-in that encased the TV and fireplace and provided shelving and cabinetry. We designed, fabricated and installed traditional white cabinets and shelves. Continuous crown molding added visual appeal and the TV was attached to a pulldown wall mount for comfortable viewing throughout the space. With fresh paint on the walls, LED recessed lights installed in the ceiling and added low voltage wiring for the media systems, this family was ready to enjoy their new family entertainment space.

If you’re interested in creating custom built-ins for your home, call our team for a free consultation!