We Bring Your Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Life

The kitchen is the heart of every home, where homeowners can get together with their families and friends to enjoy a delicious meal and each other’s company. However, if your kitchen lacks visual appeal and functionality, the kitchen can turn into a homeowner’s least desirable room. Kitchens also happen to be many homeowner’s top priority when considering a home improvement project.

A Pulse on What’s Trending in Kitchen Renovation

We make it our business to be in the know of the latest renovation trends to recommend when you decide it’s time to upgrade your kitchen. Here are just a few of the kitchen trends we’ve been asked by our clients to make the kitchen a focal point:

• Open Concept: Sectioned off rooms have been out of style and don’t seem to be coming back any time soon. If a wall obstructs your line of sight to your dining room/living room, there is a possibility it can be removed and replaced with an island or a table to create an open flow between spaces.

• LED Lighting: LED lights have become extremely popular in homes, especially when used as accent lighting; for example, in staircases or as under cabinet lighting.

• Quartz Countertops: Quartz has overshadowed granite as the new countertop trend. It is extremely low maintenance, bacteria resistant, nonporous (unlike granite) and scratch-resistant.

• Backsplashes: Backsplashes have become a major statement piece in the kitchen. White subway tiles or tiles with bright colors and varying textures and patterns are some hot trends we are seeing right now.

• Technology: Our society has become so tech-savvy that even houses are becoming “smart-houses.” Some new technology that can be applied in homes are touch-free faucets, touch or swipe controls on appliances, and even smart refrigerators.

How We Revived an Outdated Kitchen in Brick, New Jersey

A family in Brick wanted to make the best out of their 10’ x 14’ kitchen. The footprint was somewhat limited, but removing a previously-existing post helped open the space to the living room. That one change created a whole new atmosphere and gave the feel of a more spacious kitchen.

Our client’s kitchen was also extremely dated, yet their appliances were relatively new. Not having to replace these appliances, and keeping them in their existing locations, helped keep the renovation cost down. The budget was directed toward replacing their outdated cabinets, removing the wall paper, and replacing the backsplash. We also reconstructed the soffits, which were once attached to the post we removed, but also necessary to conceal the second-floor mechanicals.

To really help revitalize the space, our team addressed the kitchen lighting by replacing the bulky recessed lighting with updated, flush recessed light fixtures. We also installed under-cabinet LEDs which gave the room a modern feel and helped to brighten the space. Proper lighting, whether natural light or provided by the right fixtures in the right places, will always lend to the illusion of a bigger space and liven up the aesthetic of a room.

If you’re interested in updating your kitchen give us a call! We’ll utilize your space to its full potential.

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Brick NJ Kitchen Before Rasinski Construction Remodel Photo
Brick NJ Kitchen Before Rasinski Construction Renovation Photo
Framing of Kitchen Renovation in Brick, NJ
Brick NJ Kitchen Remodel by Rasinski Construction
Brick NJ Open Concept Kitchen Remodel by Rasinski Construction